DCR Renovation

Posted by Schuyler 'Sketch' Evans '10 On July - 28th - 2009

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in repairing damaged equipment in the WebDCR. This effort has been kept alive through recent donations of used equipment secured by alumni. Also, former past Dartmouth Broadcasting GM, George Whitehead has donated his time in teaching current students essential technical skills.

Third Annual Halloween Community Festival

Posted by Schuyler 'Sketch' Evans '10 On November - 17 - 2009

The street Team helped give back this Halloween by passing out candy to local youth along side the Greek community.

4 Remotes, One Weekend

Posted by Schuyler 'Sketch' Evans '10 On May - 30th - 2009

We had a really busy weekend. Please click on link to read more.

2010 Directorate Selection

Posted by Dartmouth Broadcasting On Friday, January 22, 2010 1 comments
Earlier this week we were pleased to announce the 2010 Directorate. Our next scheduled Dartmouth Broadcasting Overseer's meeting is set for February 5th and will mark the transition of power between the current and future Directorates. At this time we would like to thank our senior members for all of their contributions and aid in the selection of the 2010 Directorate.

2010 Directorate

General Manager - Madison Rezaei '12
Assistant General Manager - Shirine Sajjadi '11
WFRD Program Director - David Lumbert '12
WebDCR Program Director - Pierre Guo '12
Tech Director - Tony Quincy '11
News Director - Catherine Treyz '13
Finance Director - Mayuki Shimizu '12
Marketing Director - Ahra Cho '11
Recruitment Director - Richard Sunderland '11
Internet Director - Ricky Melgares '11
Sports Director - David Jiang '12
Promotions Director - Rosina Mummolo '12

Graduating Directorate Members:
Training Director - Shinian Ye
Social Director - Phil Aubart
Finance Director - Karli Beitel
Recruitment Director - Julia Cheng
General Manager - Schuyler Evans

By Schuyler Evans
General Manager
Dartmouth Broadcasting
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The New Year brings change at DB!

Posted by Dartmouth Broadcasting On Sunday, January 03, 2010 0 comments
With the end of 2009 comes great change at Dartmouth Broadcasting. Most notably, the current News Director Madison Rezaei '12 has been named the next General Manager of Dartmouth Broadcasting. The selection process for the rest of the new Directorate is currently under way. Also, 99Rock personality 'Sketch,' has decided to step down after a 2.5 year stint as the voice in the afternoon in order to let emerging talent grow under the tutelage of Operations Manager Heath Cole. Hopefully this new year and new decade will begin a new and even brighter chapter of history for Dartmouth Broadcasting.

Dartmouth Broadcasting celebrated the New Year with the 'Top 99 of 2009 Countdown' on the Modern Rock Station, 99Rock. The countdown began on News Years Eve at 4pm and Continued throughout New Years Day.

By Schuyler Evans '10
General Manager
Dartmouth Broadcasting
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Fall Philanthropy

Posted by Dartmouth Broadcasting On Sunday, December 27, 2009 0 comments
Dartmouth Broadcasting had an active fall term contributing to three worthy causes; The Friends of Veterans of Vermont and New Hampshire, the Upper Valley Haven and Toys for Tots.

Through WFRD's connection with a local public access television show, 'Walking Through Life with Linda Carbino,' the station became involved with a benefit talent show that had all proceeds going towards the Friends of Veterans of Vermont and New Hampshire. The promotion of the talent show including six weeks of donated advertisements created by the staff of 99Rock and also three pro bono public appearances by WFRD Program Director David Lumbert '12 and General Manager Schuyler 'Sketch' Evans '10. Both Lumbert and Evans served as two of the three judges for the talent show.

Dartmouth Broadcasting continued to give back in the month of November and held the 'Hogs Against Hunger Food Drive' at Granite State Harley Davidson. We are pleased to announce that we were able to fill up an entire car full of food for the Upper Valley Haven. The food drive included a full advertising campaign and three days of live remotes from Granite State Harley Davidson. Thank you to all of those who supported our effort!

We are proud to announce that 99Rock was this year's official radio station for Toys For Tots of the Upper Valley. We spent the entire months of November and December promoting the toy donations over the 99Rock airwaves. We had several appearances promoting toy drop offs including on at Mascoma Savings Bank in West Lebanon on December 17th. Toys for Tots of the Upper Valley brought in a total of 4,865 toys for local children!

By Schuyler Evans '10
General Manager
Dartmouth Broadcasting
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NHAB Golden Mic Awards for 2009

Posted by Dartmouth Broadcasting On Friday, November 13, 2009 0 comments
We are extremely proud to announce that WFRD was honored this year at the New Hampshire Association of Broadcaster's Golden Mic Award Ceremony this year. Dartmouth Broadcasting took home a Golden Mic Merit Award for 'Public Service Campaign of the Year' for our promotion of the Relay for Life at Dartmouth this past spring. It was an exciting night and station leaders including Operations Manager Heath Cole, WFRD Program Director David Lumbert '12, News Director Madison Rezaei '12 and General Manager Schuyler 'Sketch' Evans '10 all traveled to Concord together for the ceremonies. The handsome is currently resting on the fireplace mantle in the business office of the Dartmouth Broadcasting studios.

The whole crew standing with Miss New Hampshire before the award ceremony. (From Left) Madison Rezaei '12, Heath Cole (red shirt), David Lumbert '12, Miss NH Lindsey Graham and Schuyler 'Sketch' Evans '10.

The Award safe and sound back home.

By Schuyler Evans '10
General Manager
Dartmouth Broadcasting
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3rd Annual Halloween Community Festival

Posted by Dartmouth Broadcasting On Tuesday, November 03, 2009 0 comments
Dartmouth Broadcasting spent the 2009 Halloween afternoon on the front lawn of Tri-Kap for the 3rd Annual Halloween Community Festival. It was a good time and we gave away a huge bowl full of candy to Upper Valley youth.

We made it onto the Tri-Kap flyer!

Here is our general set-up

From left to right- Jeff Ledolter '13, Madison Rezaei '12 and Shirine Sajjadi '11

Shirine handing out Candy

Shirine with her official 99Rock Tattoo

Madison dealing candy

Spider Man decided to visit as well!

Cute photo
by Schuyler Evans '10
General Manager, DB
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Homecoming 2009

Posted by Dartmouth Broadcasting On Wednesday, October 28, 2009 0 comments
When you walk into the Dartmouth Broadcasting lobby, you will notice (hopefully) some of our archival photos on the wall. One of my favorites has to be the a picture of WDCR at the construction of the Bonfire in the late 1950's. It is reassuring to know that we are still being asked by the Bonfire Committee to come out to the Green during the construction of the bonfire and play music. Of course the safety standards standards have been raised quite a bit over the years; the Dartmouth Emergency Medical Services tent is sitting directly to the right of our tent.

By Schuyler Evans '10
General Manager, Dartmouth Broadcasting
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Recruitment 2009

Posted by Dartmouth Broadcasting On Saturday, October 03, 2009 0 comments
Dartmouth Broadcasting focused a great deal of attention and energy towards recruitment this fall. The first two weeks of the fall came as the fulfillment and expression of months of planning. The majority of our biggest recruitment events fell between Monday September 14th and September 25th. On September 14th we were on the Dartmouth Green playing music and giving away promotional vitamin water for Capture the Mellon which was essentially a gigantic game of capture the flag. Between 1-4 we gave away nearly 200 hand sized bottles of Vitamin water and countless CD's. This event, along with the Dartmouth College Athletic Department Open House BBQ on Friday September 19th and the Friday Night Out remote later that night served as our main auxiliary events leading to our Open House on September 20th. Our Open House was really successful and we had a great turnout of people who wanted to get involved with the station. Along with the vast majority of the Dartmouth Broadcasting leadership attending the Open House, we had a past GM, George Whitehead '61, Th '62 at our Open House. It was obvious by '13's reactions to George that they were impressed that someone was still passionate about DB over 50 years since their freshman orientation.

Recruitment and retention of students within the organization of course can present themselves as cumulative causation situations that feedback into themselves... either towards the positive or negative. Thankfully for Dartmouth Broadcasting, I think that we have positive momentum. This momentum that eventually translated into an explosion of recruitment this fall. We have recruited roughly 60 people over the course of the past six weeks. Of course all of these new people have to be trained and brought into the fold which has been a great deal of work as well.

The Directorate eating dinner before the rush of Freshman at the DCAD BBQ

It is amazing to me that over half of the '13s in this picture are currently involved in the station. It will be interesting to see if some of these new people will one day become leaders at the station.

Here are some examples of our Recruitment Posters...

By Schuyler Evans '10
General Manager, Dartmouth Broadcasting
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